Kindness and good deeds at every turn

Joe Duhe and Cindy Haydel at Rotolo's in LaPlace 9/2/12, sharing good deeds, paid for soldiers' dinner.

Joe Duhe and Cindy Haydel at Rotolo’s in LaPlace Sept 2, 12

I am so choked up right now. After all the glowing reviews of Rotolo’s we decided to get a pizza before leaving Laplace. We walked in and saw a table of army soldiers and a table of Samaritan’s purse relief workers. We talked to both then sat at the only table available (yay Rotolo’s !)

The folks at the table next to us struck up a conversation and told us all about his rescue adventures last week, helping get people out of flooded areas starting with River Forest. He’s not a fireman or police officer, but a brave citizen with a big heart and a boat. And an ax. He even helped a woman go back to her daughter’s house to rescue her dog. What a great guy! They were so sweet. Thanks Joe Duhe & Cindy Haydel for helping your neighbors & being so nice!

Oh, and just for icing, we saw that when they left, they paid the bill for the soldiers!
Man, Louisianans are awesome!

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