About Us and Isaac

We’re a group of Louisianans who are working to help organize and facilitate relief and recovery efforts following Hurricane Isaac.  We’ll compile information for all the affected areas, starting with the nearest to our homes, St. John the Baptist Parish, St. James, and Ascension Parish.

Many of the people in these areas moved away from the New Orleans area after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina, seven years ago to the day.  This storm was just a category 1 – not strong enough to warrant mass evacuations.  But it stalled over the area, which was already inundated with saturation from over a month of heavy rainfall.  It was an enormous storm, so the rainfall affected a large area of Louisiana and Mississippi (affectionately renamed “Landmass”).  Hovering over south Louisiana for a full day, storm force winds of even a tropical storm strength caused damage over much of the area.

The surge of water that Isaac pushed up the mouth of the Mississippi River into Lake Pontchartrain was held at bay in Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Charles Parishes by levee systems built up since Katrina.  But St. John Parish did not get the same levee protection system built these past years; in fact it got none.  So early on Wednesday, August 29, flooding began in neighborhoods in the northeastern section of LaPlace.  Unprecedented flooding resulted from the surge, rainfall, and from area lakes and waterways overflowing.  There is still now threat of some rivers cresting so far above flood stage that residents are under a voluntary evacuation order in St. James and Ascension Parishes, and near the Pearl River on the eastern edge of the state.  More rainfall is forecast for later this week.

Founded by LaPlace native Amy Canada of NXT Media, Artsey Photography, and the KatRita Wood Project, we will coordinate with churches and organizations who were starting the work before the storm cleared out.  Laura P. is a River Parishes resident and LaPlace native who has a knack for finding the latest news for our Facebook pageVictor Canada is eeking out some minutes to assist in building this page. Minutes are hard to come by, so please bear with us as we progress.  And we are beyond thrilled to have Twitter superstar Amber Osborne assisting our online efforts.  Other team members will be added here as we compile details.  If you would like to become involved, please email amy@isaacreliefla.org


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